Welcome to the Allegheny County Housing Authority ONLINE!

Board Approved December 20, 2019 - Effective January 15, 2020

Mission Statement
The mission of the Allegheny County Housing Authority (ACHA) is to provide decent, safe and sanitary housing for eligible low-income families and senior citizens in Allegheny County. A major goal of the ACHA is to provide a product that is comparable to private non-assisted rental housing in terms of amenities and services. The ACHA strives to change the negative image of public housing by being creative in our thinking, promoting the positive aspects of public housing, involving residents in decisions that effect them, using innovative designs to change the traditional face of public housing, and implementing various programs that enable families to progress on the road to self sufficiency.

Affordable Housing
If you have a family, you know how exciting a new job can be. A steady income means shoes for the kids, maybe a car - and often a new place to live. But if your paycheck is stretched to the limit, then ACHA subsidized housing may be perfect for you. ACHA offers attractive, affordable housing for low - and moderate-income families who are just starting out. With ACHA, you pay only 30% of your monthly income for an apartment or townhouse that's spacious enough for the whole family. And, unlike most market-rate or even Section 8 housing, your low monthly rent payment may include: Utilities (gas, electric, water) Appliances (range and refrigerator) Laundry Facilities (washer and dryer hookups, or on-site coin-operated laundries) Regular and Emergency Maintenance

Community Oriented
Best of all, ACHA means community. It also means connecting residents with various medical, social, educational, and recreational programs and services. Thanks to active resident organizations, many neighborhoods have great on-site programs such as:

  1. Daycare Programs
  2. Year-Round Children's Programs
  3. Mini-Libraries with Computers
  4. Playgrounds and Ballfields
  5. Health Clinics
  6. Resident Leadership Opportunities
  7. The First Tee of Pittsburgh Mentoring Program
  8. Community Gardens
  9. Life Skills Programs for Adults
So, if you're newly employed and looking for a safe, attractive, and affordable home for you and your family, check out ACHA's housing opportunities. We can help you get started on the road to success. So get moving!

In a Neighborhood Near You
With neighborhoods throughout Allegheny County, ACHA offers a great choice of locations, too. Choose to move closer to your family or friends. But, beyond just offering great homes in great neighborhoods, ACHA tries to help residents enjoy a higher quality of life. That means doing everything possible to make sure our buildings are safe and secure. If affordable housing is what you've been waiting for, ACHA has dozens of units currently available in a neighborhood of your choice.